Touch Digital Workshops


Touch Digital Workshops

Working in collaboration with Touch Digital and the National B2B Centre we planned and delivered the production elements of a 2-day photography and video workshop series. The workshops were aimed at SME’s in the West Midlands, providing them with the support and know-how to create their own lens-based visual marketing material.


We devised a straightforward and economical package of equipment and software for the attendees to learn with, utilising a dual-function DSLR to introduce both photography and video techniques efficiently in the tight time. The course covered a technical introduction to the equipment and image-making principles, an insight into some effective creative techniques, and an overview of post-production programmes and processes. It was important that the workshop was structured with a predominantly hands-on approach, and given the venues were hotels and conference centres – we took full advantage of the dramatic architecture and grounds as some stunning backdrops for the attendees to practice their production skills with.


Client Feedback

“Fresh produced and delivered several 2-day photography & video workshops for a diverse range of West Midlands businesses, as part of the ERDF funded Touch Digital project. 100% positive feedback received from delegates reflected the expert knowledge, patience, enthusiasm and humour of the trainers. Thanks guys!”- Caroline Geraghty, Project Officer