Coventry City Council – Integrated Mobility

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Coventry City Council – Integrated Mobility


Coventry City Council approached us seeking a video explaining their futuristic vision of an integrated transport system (a system providing smart journey planning taking in factors such as weather, traffic delays, carbon footprint, cost efficiency, health benefits etc.) Such a system would utilise a number of technologies currently in research and development, but not widely available. And so the brief was to use animation to depict the new travel system, and follow a person using it on a typical day.


We went with the option to film actors in a green screen studio, and then layer them onto a 3D environment with aligned camera angles and movements. Once we’d worked through the concept and the narrative carefully with the clients, we hired in an illustrator, 3D animator, musician, and two actors to assist us, and then worked to bring it all together utilising storyboards, shot diagrams, keying-out, 3D rendering, animated graphics and our usual editing process to compile the finished piece. All-in-all a technically complex and challenging project, and ultimately a highly successful one.


Client Feedback

“Fantastic stuff – I’m really pleased with the work you have done. The video is going down really well, thank you for all the effort to get it to what it is – a great product.”- Mike Waters, Head of Transport Infrastructure