Film Photography workshops


Film Photography workshops

Utilising our extensive teaching experience and our basis within an academic department we delivered these day-long analogue photography and darkroom printing workshops, to the University’s Art and Design Foundation students. It was part of their Cambridge Education Group (CEG) programme, which aims to give international students a taster to a variety of artistic mediums and creative processes.


We structured each workshop to cover both shooting with traditional film cameras (in studio and external environments), and darkroom printing from the negatives using chemical techniques. This ensured that the students experienced and learnt the whole analogue image-making process, which then moreover informed and supported their workflow with digital imagery. The workshops were a great educational and inspirational success, with much owed to the super-engaged, lively, and enthusiastic foundation students and their tutors.


Client Feedback

“The students had the most valuable experience in the darkroom photography workshops. A big thank you to you and your team.”- Lenora Minto, Foundation Pathway Leader