AME – Event Promotion

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AME – Event Promotion


The Institute for Applied Manufacturing and Engineering is a collaborative educational initiative between Coventry University and Unipart Manufacturing Group. Deemed as the UK’s first ‘faculty on the factory floor’, the institute is a state of the art manufacturing hub based at the Unipart facility here in Coventry, allowing students to work on live projects developing innovative technologies alongside world leading R&D specialists. They celebrated their 1 year anniversary with a prestigious event at the institute, and they asked us to come along to document it.


Events coverage is an area we’ve grown to be very comfortable – understanding the pressures to highlight the buzz of the event, to capture the key moments, and to efficiently interview the key players, all without intruding on the proceedings. As well as the typical presentations, networking, and hosting, the AME also put on a range of tours to showcase the various technologies found within the hub and this gave us a great opportunity to capture some great visuals associated with the AME’s message, and allow the video to promote the overall institute as well as the event. We had a very tight turnaround for the final edit, but with some careful pre-planning with the events team and our speedy editing, we delivered a high quality piece on time.



Client Feedback

“Just want to say the AME video is fantastic, great work guys…really great work.”- Marilyn Maddams, Marketing Manager